Why real estate?

Why real estate?

According to the management company Bie, is investing in real estate such as shopping centers, offices / business premises and homes, many investors have become a natural part of an investment portfolio. Curiously, this is not. Real estate is relatively inflation-proof. By investing in real estate can risk in an investment portfolio greatly reduce and increase returns.

If you want to make an investment in real estate, you need information. Lots of information.
Investing in real estate requires insight and knowledge. Thus a strong voice and real estate construction partner is essential. De Bie property management allows her customers always in word and deed and seeks a relationship with customers that trust is central. We want our customers are satisfied, only then we have achieved our goal as a company and we are also satisfied.

The presence of foreign investors in the German market increase prices already somewhat, but this has also affected the domestic demand for these objects. Sentiment in Germany gradually changes from negative to slightly positive. This is a good thing and means that the price increase will be borne wider and not caused only by external demand. Plenty of opportunities so on indirect return value increase of the property including sale.
On 8 and January 9, 2008, the FIOD-ECD, led by the FP, again done some 13 searches. Now on Investment Services BV, a provider of real estate bonds called IMMO-FIX. In addition, seven suspects were arrested and records seized. Many investors opt for participations in real estate companies or CVs. But after what you been up to lately everywhere can read about some CV’s you that according to the property management Bie certainly do just as well ourselves. if you buy the property itself, we believe that you are not dependent on directors who have the say and earn their income from these companies.

Also investing in an apartment in Germany can be a significant gain for many people find Bie property management, partly because housing prices in the German real estate soared in recent years.

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