Project Development

Ook voor de ontwikkeling van woningbouwprojecten, in Nederland en in Duitsland, kunt u altijd bij ons terecht.

Project development

Also for the development of housing projects in the Netherlands and in Germany, you can always contact us.

This project was realized in 2006 There are also opportunities to develop together with the Bie miscellaneous property management real estate projects , such as the castle in Uhyst in Germany . The castle has a beautiful location , about 200 m from the beach , with a very large lake , with an area of 1300 ha and to be .On the lake also miscellaneous real estate projects realized, such as a marina and a campsite. It is intended that there is also the rental out onto the water. The castle in Uhyst is ideal for luxury apartments or a hotel , but also a luxury casino belongs to the possibilities.

Ook vragen wij te koop, diversen vastgoed panden of gronden, welke voor projekt ontwikkeling in aanmerking komen. Of u kunt een samenwerking met ons aangaan, om de te realiseren projekten met ons te ontwikkelen, zowel in Duitsland als in Nederland.