Why Germany?

Why Germany?

Real estate investors look in germany

Not only in the Netherlands, the investment boom in real estate at in Europe is real popular. In May there for more than € 14 billion was observed in real estate transactions in excess of euro 50 million. Investors are especially looking for refuge outside their homeland; approximately 70% of transactions were cross-border.

It is Germany, with about 50% of the property investment system, the most popular. The number of cross-border transactions, there is even greater than the European average; approximately 80% of transactions was done by non-German investors. Because of a bad economy running his real estate investments in Germany for many years remained out of view of investors. Now that the economy and real estate prices elsewhere in Europe have risen faster than in Germany, the country is again popular with investors who are seeking higher returns.

Investors from the US, Britain, Denmark, Israel and certainly Netherlands bought very large housing complexes and supermarkets mainly in the big cities. Great
residential complexes and supermarkets are therefore not easily available anymore. Nevertheless, there are still many chances with pretty good returns.

De Bie property management believes that the areas in which we operate, mainly the eastern part of Germany, now on a total low. Now the time has come to invest in the most attractive housing markets in these areas. Even if you are an empty building purchases and the +/- 5 years blank face, we still believe that you will definitely achieve a much higher return than if you park your money in the bank.
Of course you can, if you wish, also live in Germany. We think especially to people who want to start their own business, as there is a need for sound entrepreneurship in eastern Germany. Also, there are attractive subsidies available for people who want to start there.

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