Sell Investment Properties

Do you have an investment property in the Netherlands or Germany which you are considering selling, we would naturally think along with you. Because we regularly speak investors who are looking for suitable investment opportunities, we are quickly and efficiently able to find a buyer for your property. We work on a “no-cure no-pay” so that you are no costs at first instance. Only in the transport of the property at the notary, so the actual sales, we spend 1% of the actual purchase price charged.

The whole process is done by us; potential buyers are then informed objectively by us and guided in their decision making. When a buyer expresses interest, we first determine whether a basis exists, to get out of the actual purchase price. If this basis is available, we cooperate with the prospective buyer, the investment opportunity further. We remain involved in this process, up to the time of transportation notary. Communication with the notary is then also guided by us.

In other words, de Bie Vastgoed management, the sales process can provide for you.